HM Foundation - digital campaign "Foundation 500"

Together with H&M Foundation we created an alternative to the Fortune 500 list, published each year by Fortune magazine. 
Foundation 500 showcases female-only business leaders and entrepreneurs from 11 emerging markets where women are
often refused the same access to education, financial services and bank loans as men. With the campaign we want to challenge
stereotypes and re-define what a business leader looks like.

My role: UX, digital concept, web design, mobile design

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The portraits

By presenting power portraits and stories of women entrepreneurs from emerging markets in the same manner business magazines usually portray male business leaders, H&M Foundation and CARE's message is that empowering women is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty and create economic growth. Entire economies lose out when a substantial part of the population can´t realize its full potential.

Foundation 500 - an all female list of 500 business leaders.


Foundation 500 case film

The “Foundation 500” list features the portraits and careers of 500 female entrepreneurs in 11 emerging markets. The list highlights stories of unusual chief executives, ranging from a Zambian woman who set up a mobile drug store to a woman in Jordan who set up a temporary tattoo studio.

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